Ben Townsend

Manchester, UK


Current Status

Working on various projects, primarily through Upwork

Developing a VR Escape Room game and writing weekly development updates at zendatgames.com.


Final Boss Games - Chicken Derby - Game Designer

May 2021 - Present

NFT based chicken racing game where players buy, trade, breed and race chickens for Ethereum. Currently sold 33,000 units to fund beta development, generating 1192ETH, (approximately $3Million at the time). My jobs include designing the core game mechanics, game balancing, marketing and social engagement.


Fantasy Mesa - Trading $saga - Game Designer

November 2020 - October 2021

Mobile stock market designed to train people on how to trade stocks over an extended period of time in short play sessions. My work included research, concept designs, game documentation and feedback on the build.

Google Play

Adventure Box Technology - Adventure Box - Level Designer

May 2020 - July 2021

Hired to design levels for an online platform where users can make, share and play voxel-based games. The levels I have made are a mixture of RPG style levels (focussing on puzzles) and battle arenas (focussing on combat).

Einbach’s Enigmas - Puzzle Ronda's Rooftops - Battle Arena

Freaks United - VR Heist Game - Game Designer

January 2021 - February 2021

Concept documentation and creation of a game design document for an asynchronous heist game for two players on VR and Mobile devices. I created concepts for several gameplay mechanics, level design and wrote a GDD for a verticle slice of the game.

App Design Company - Wrecked - Level Designer
July 2020 - October 2020

Created various levels for a 3D idle mobile game. I sourced assets for the levels, created their layouts, the player's path through the levels, enemy spawn locations, the aesthetic design and ensured that every level was visually engaging while maintaining clear areas for combat. I also wrote documentation for the game's economy and player progression.

Film Magik - Rate & Speed - Programmer

November 2019  - April 2020

Development of an educational game for the Ministry of Education in Singapore in partnership with Film Magik. I programmed interactive experiences dealing with acceleration, proportions and circular motion.

beActive, S.A - Adventures of a Young Pirate Queen - Concept Designer

December 2019 - January 2020

Writing of a 50 page game concept document for a 2D/3D puzzle platformer based on the childhood of Grace O'Malley, a clan leader from 16th Century Ireland. I designed the narrative, concepts for levels and a unique game mechanic to fit with the narrative.

Fuzzy Duck - Gir Forest - Level Designer and Developer

July 2019 - September 2019

A 2D game for Chester Zoo to teach visitors about the importance of balance in an environment. I coded the game, designed the levels and delivered on the client’s requirements.

Anarchy Industries - Masque of Anarchy - UI Designer & Developer

October 2018 - August 2019

A choose your own adventure narrative that I converted from PC to work on Android. My responsibilities included QA, development, user interface design and publishing.

Google Play

Fuzzy Duck - Meliden Mines - Level Designer and Developer

February 2019 - June 2019

A 2D multiplayer game about mining for a museum in Wales. I coded the game, designed the levels and ensured a fun user experience that also delivered on the educational needs of the product.


PlayX - Various Titles - Game Designer

March 2019 - April 2019

Worked on a variety of casual mobile titles, developing concepts, prototypes and GDDs. Game types included endless runners, puzzles and platformers.

beActive, S.A - The New Guardian - Concept Designer

December 2018 - January 2019

A 2D adventure game that I wrote a 45 page concept document for. The document included details on the game's narrative, mechanics, art and audio style, as well as details for the development of a prototype.

DigiOrange Inc - Tipsy Chicken - Creative Writer

September 2018

A party card game of drinking dares. I wrote 100 challenges in a variety of categories that the players had to complete. The challenge instructions had to be clear but also humorous to keep with the game’s nature.

Amazon Website

Planet Spark - Various Titles - Game Designer

May 2018 - December 2018

A series of educational games designed to teach Maths and English skills. I wrote 25 concept documents and GDDs for games that taught different disciplines of Maths and English through gameplay and narrative.


Mawa - Maguss - System Designer

January 2017 - April 2018

An augmented reality game for mobile that is a cross between Pokemon Go and Harry Potter. I was responsible for combat mechanics, player progression, game balancing, monetization strategy, AI design and writing GDDs for new mechanics.

Google Play 

Thousand Realms - Fire Gate & Capitalisto, Lich Businessman - Narrative Designer and QA

November 2016 - September 2017

A mobile based choose your own adventure games with RPG elements. I was initially hired for QA but after a  time they asked me to write additional narrative material and design monsters, characters and items to feature in the games.

Google Play

AffirmedIT - FitConnect - Rewards Designer

January 2017 - June 2017

A fitness tracker that gathers the user’s data from all their fitness apps. I designed a system that used this data to award points to the users based on the exercises they have done and their personal fitness goals.

Ice Peddler Games - Riddle Hack - Programmer

November 2016 - December 2016

A question and answer game for PC that had a successful Kickstarter campaign in May 2017. My work here was limited to programming but this was the first professional job in the game's industry that I had.

More details and other jobs available via my Upwork Profile.


PlaygroundSquad UK Nov. 2015 - Oct. 2016:

Level 3 Qualification in Game Design

University of St. Mark and St. John 2004 - 2007:

Ba(Hons), Computing and Information Technology with Education Studies, 2:1

About Me

I am an independent freelance game designer and developer who has worked on over thirty different game titles over the past four years. My previous work has included writing concept design documents, level design, coding, player progression, system design and a variety of other disciplines. I’ve worked on games for a range of different genres and platforms, from an educational game about lions for Chester Zoo to a mobile based MMORPG (Maguss) with over 500,000 current installs. 

One of my favourite areas of game design is seeing how a game’s narrative and mechanics can be integrated together. I previously worked on a game titled ‘Adventures of a Young Pirate Queen’. Based on the historical figure Grace O’Malley, my brief included a story outline and that they wanted a 2D puzzle platformer. Grace O’Malley was a woman who saw the world differently from everyone else in her time, so the core mechanic I designed allowed the player to see the world differently. The player could switch between a 2D orthographic view and a 3D perspective view, offering them a new dimension of movement and a different point of view on their environment. I like developing games with interesting mechanics that allow the player to experiment.

Working remotely as a freelancer has taught me a wide range of project management and communication skills. Most of my work has come through the freelancing website Upwork. I regularly handle several projects with different clients in different time zones simultaneously, maintaining a 100% Job Success rate and having earned Top Rated status. I often communicate with clients primarily via documentation, which has taught me to clearly express my ideas in a succinct manner.

I am also an ambassador for the Manchester based charity Everyone Can, who provide assistive technology for children and adults with special needs. My work with them has involved promoting the charity and assisting children during gaming sessions. This experience has given me a great perspective about accessibility in gaming, as I’ve been able to see a wide range of children with different abilities play games. I’ve learnt a lot about the importance of accessibility in gaming, which I endeavour to implement in my work. I was also interviewed by Everyone Can about the volunteer work that I do and my work as a game designer, which you can read here.

I am a hardworking and knowledgeable game designer with four years of experience who enjoys dedicating themself to a project and exploring what is possible. To contact me about work please send an e-mail to ben@benjamintownsend.co.uk.

Software Proficiency

Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Game Maker Studio, Maya, Photoshop, Mercurial, Github, Axosoft, Pycharm and Trello.


Available on request from:

Mikael Hellberg (Art Craft Manager at EA DICE and former Studio Manager at PlaygroundSquad UK), Alistair Monaghan (Head of Digital Design at Fuzzy Duck),

Julian Lee (General Manager at Everyone Can).